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Story About AKB Herbals

Everything we need to nourish our bodies with, can be found in nature. So at CHEVEUX, that's what we use. CHEVEUX was born with a free spirit and a joyful heart. We believe our ingredients have the intent to transform your hair and skin naturally.

When you are stuck in a world surrounded by chemical infused products, you look for an escape. Our idea is to bring women the goodness of nature and joy of using toxic free products. So when you choose to go herbal, you also choose to be responsible. You choose to be free. CHEVEUX gives you the freedom to immerse yourself in nature & indulge in the thrill of letting go of the toxic chemicals for infinite herbal moments of joy.

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It's all about of showcasing the true colors of yours. Here you just go through with our natural color experience

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CHEVEUX is delighted to introduce you to a range of all-natural hair and skin care products. Made with precision and dedication, we only use naturally sourced ingredients that provide genuine effectiveness to both the skin and hair.
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Kota, Rajasthan, India


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Story About AKB Herbals

AKB herbals is an all-natural and herbal brand crafting pure, authentic, safe and effective skincare and body care range of products.

People are inclined towards an natural way of life only recently, following global beauty and skincare trends. Our loyal customers have been using our products since long as they believe in choosing only the safest and best of natural products for their daily routine

At AKB herbals, we strive to bring you the best of natural ingredients and selectively craft one of a kind products that are thoughtfully made without the addition of any parabens, harmful chemicals, phthalates, mineral oils or animal ingredients. Our products are incredibly gentle on the skin, safe for all skin types and very effective.

Right from the selection of the best quality of the raw materials to the finished package, every product is finely handcrafted with power-packed potent natural ingredients to target your concerns and deliver a delightful sensorial experience.

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